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Muscle Knots


Let us treat your Muscle Knots

with our Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

to break up the knotted tissue and calm your inflamed nerves.


What is a Muscle knot?




Muscle knots are hard, sensitive areas of muscle that are painful to touch. They occur when muscle fibers underneath them tense up and tighten. These trigger points can also cause aching sensations and pain in the muscles and joints in other parts of the body. You may also experience stress, anxiety, depression, headaches and difficulty sleeping.


Places where muscle knots commonly occur:

  • Neck

  • Upper back

  • Lower back

  • Shoulders

  • Calf muscles.





Common causes of muscle knots include:

  • Stress and tension mainly in the workplace.

  • Prolonged sporting activities.

  • Poor posture when sitting.

  • A Sedentary lifestyle.




Muscle knots can be treated effectively with our Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage which loosens aching and painful muscles and joints and increases blood flow. 



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